The Conference Committee warmly invites you to join us at International Libyan Conference for Information and Communications Technologies  2022  (ILCICT 2022), which will be held in Tripoli-Libya during September 27-29, 2022. It is sponsored by many  telecom companies, and hosted by Faculty of Engineering-university of Tripoli.

The Conference Scientific Committee is eager to receive high-quality research papers.

Papers will be jointly refereed by local and international reviewers. With the possibility of publishing premium papers in international journals

Conference Objectives

  1. Provide a forum for researchers, engineers, industry and economists interested in communication and information technology to exchange scientific and research ideas and to pursue new developments in an open forum.
  2. Encouraging communication and information technology researchers to carry out scientific research that serves society and contributes to the development of the national economy.
  3. Assist researchers in communications and information technology to disseminate their scientific research.

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conference themes

Computers and Informatics systems
Computers and Informatics systems
  1. Embedded Systems
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. Image processing and computer vision
  4. Computer systems and applications
  5. Control engineering
  6. Data science
  7. Automation and robotics
  8. Digital Signal Processing and its applications
  9. Modeling and simulation of smart systems
  10. Medical and bio informatics
Communication Systems
Communication Systems
  1. Wired communications
  2. Wireless communication and broadcasting
  3. Cellular communications, 5G and 6G networks
  4. Optical communications and networks
  5. MIMO systems
  6. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) technology
  7. Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) technology
  8. Beam forming systems
  9. Microwave and millimetre wave technology
  10. Green communication and energy accounts
  11. Antenna and wave propagation
  12. Access network
Information security
Information security
  1. Authentication and Access Control
  2. Encryption and information security
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Biometric systems
  5. Quantum cryptography
  6. BlockChain technology
  1. Cloud computing
  2. Internet of Things (IoT)
  3. Wireless sensor networks
  4. Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  5. Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SDWAN)
  6. Virtual networks
  7. Ad hoc networks
  8. Edge computing
Applications in developing the national economy
Applications in developing the national economy
  1. Decision making support system
  2. Smart data pricing
  3. Distant learning
  4. eCommerce
  5. Communications, environment and people
  6. Renewable energies and their role in the society’s economy

Important Dates

Call for papers

May 16th 2021

Submission Deadline

January 15th 2022

Last Date for Judges

January 25th 2022

Notification of Acceptance

January 27th 2022

Registration / Camera Ready Submission

February 22nd 2022

Conference Start Date

March 27th/29th 2022

Scientific Committee

Dr. Mohamed Samir Elbuni

Dr. Mohamed Samir Elbuni
Dr. Ibrahim Saleh

Dr. Ibrahim Saleh
Dr. Ahmed Ashur

Dr. Ahmed Ashur
Dr. Tammam Ben Musa

Dr. Tammam Ben Musa
Dr. Ismael Ellabib

Dr. Ismael Ellabib
Dr. Nabil Drawil

Dr. Nabil Drawil